How safe is my seed?

All seeds should be 81 characters in random order composed of A-Z and 9.

Do not give your seed to anyone, and don’t keep it saved in a plain text document. Don’t input your seed into any websites that you don’t trust.

Is this safe? Can’t anyone guess my seed?

What are the odds of someone guessing your seed?

  • Let's say the average username is 15 characters long, and the average password is also 15 characters long. You can use a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and 10 symbols for the typical username & password.

72^30 = 5.2x10^55 possible combinations
for normal username and password combinations

  • IOTA seed = 81 characters long, and you can use A-Z, 9

27^81 = 8.7x10^115 possible combinations
for IOTA seeds

  • Now let's say you have a super computer composed of the entirety of the matter in our solar system, and powered by 100% of our sun, letting you (somehow) generate and read every address associated with 1 trillion different seeds per second.

8.7x10^115 seeds / 1x10^12 generated per second = 8.7x10^103 seconds = 2.8x10^96 years to process all IOTA seeds.

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