Transition FAQ

What does "transition" mean for us, the users?

  • It means we need to move the iotas from our old seeds to new seeds. This process is called "transitioning".

Which users must do the "transition"?

  • If you have used IOTA before August 9, 2017, and if you store your iotas in a personal wallet (e.g. GUI desktop wallet, Android wallet, etc.), then you must "transition".
  • If your funds were stored on Bitfinex exchange on or before August 9, 2017, then your funds were already "transitioned" by Bitfinex (there is nothing for you to do).

Is there a deadline by which we must "transition"?

  • No official deadline has been published, but it has been highly recommended that you transition as soon as possible. This is to avoid any issues with your balance in the future.

Can we do the "transition" on the Android wallet?+

  • No, you must "transition" with the GUI desktop wallet. Version 2.4.0 contains the "transition" feature, under the "Tools" menu.

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