Download Wallet and Login

1) Let’s begin by downloading the IOTA wallet.

Visit and download the latest release. (As of the writing of this article [August 22th] is “Mainnet Release: v2.4.0”)

Windows users: Download the .exe file

Mac users: Download the .dmg file


2) Follow the download wizard to install the appropriate software as listed above. When you open the program, you’ll see the option of running the full node or the light node.

If you don't know the difference between a full node and light node, it's best to start by using the light node. Click on the “light node” option. These instructions will continue down the light node path.

Only advanced users should run a full node. Full nodes must have 24/7 uptime and find + maintain 7-9 healthy neighbors. Visit this section for more details on full node setup.


3) Now that you’ve selected “light client”, choose ANY host (it doesn't matter which host you choose - you can change at any time in the future).

Click "Start", and you should now be looking at the light wallet on your screen.


4) Now generate a random 81 character seed, using only A-Z and the number 9. It is imperative that your seed be an 81-character random assortment of A-Z and 9. For information, see the below link:


5) Make sure you save the seed in a secure location. Keepass is popular with the community for saving seeds ( Now that you’ve generated and SAVED your seed, you’ll be able to use that seed to login to any IOTA client on any device in the world! Don't ever lose it.

"How safe is my seed?"

Either type, or copy/paste your seed into the “Seed” textbox. It’ll look like:


The seed checksum located to the right of the seed (“KBZ” in the picture above) will give you quick verification that your seed has been input correctly. The checksum will be the same every time you enter your seed. Feel free to save or memorize this checksum so that you can verify that your seed is input correctly at one quick glance.

Now click “LOGIN

You’ve now got access to your IOTA wallet! Remember that as long as you save your seed, you’ll have access to your IOTA balance associated with that seed.

Offline wallet options:

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