Why isn't my withdrawal showing up in my wallet?

Solution 1: The withdrawal hasn't been sent yet. A withdrawal from Bitfinex can show the following statuses:

  • User emailed: An email has been sent to the address on your account. Click the link to approve or cancel the withdrawal.
  • User approved: The user has clicked the link in the email and approved the withdrawal.
  • Approved: The withdrawal has been approved and will begin processing shortly.
  • Processing: This stage normally takes the longest. If you fit any of the following criteria then your withdrawal may take a while to process.
    • Your Bitfinex account is less than 5 days old
    • You don't have 2 factor authentication enabled
    • You've recently logged in from a new IP address
    • You've recently changed your email or password
  • Sending: This stage may not even show up, as it is completed very quickly. Your transaction is sending and will appear on the Tangle soon.

  • Completed: The withdrawal is complete and should now appear on the Tangle. If you click on the withdrawal, the hash and address will be shown with links to iotasear.ch to view the status. Note that the transaction still may not be confirmed at this time.

Solution 2: Refresh your wallet by logging out and then back in.

Solution 3: If you see a 0 value transaction, this is not your withdrawal. This is an address attaching to the Tangle. Check the status of your withdrawal on Bitfinex and compare it to the explanations in Solution 1.

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